Smart Meters

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are a new generation of meters that incorporate digital technology and wireless communication. A smart meter shows you how much electricity and gas you’re using on a digital display and automatically sends us these readings via a secure wireless network. This means that you’ll no longer need to submit your meter readings to receive an accurate bill.

How will they benefit me?

There are many benefits to having a smart meter installed, and around 80% of customers say they would recommend them to friends and family.1

Reduce your energy bills

You’ll receive a free in-home display device which can help you make informed decisions on how to efficiently reduce your energy usage.

Make Britain safer

Smart meter installations provide the opportunity for safety checks to be carried out on appliances in homes; this is the first time there has been a nationwide effort.

Tackle climate change

Smart meters help us predict demand, reducing the grid’s reliance on fossil fuels and laying the foundations for the country’s move to a low carbon economy.

Provide future benefits

An increasing number of smart household gadgets and appliances will be able to communicate with smart meters in the future, and help reduce energy usage.

How do I get one?

We’ll be rolling out smart meters soon; the process is very straightforward and you’ll be able to book a time slot that’s convenient for you. We will install the smart meter for you free of charge and give you some handy tips on how to reduce your energy consumption.

What will I get?

The smart meters will replace your existing traditional gas and electric devices, and you will receive one per fuel. You’ll also be given an ‘In-Home Display’. This can be placed anywhere in your home and provides a detailed breakdown of your gas and electricity usage. The device communicates with your smart meter to show how much energy you’re using in near real-time, and an indication of how much it’s costing you in pounds and pence. This information puts you in control of your energy and provides the means to help you save money, reduce your usage, and become more efficient. Find out more about smart meters here.


It's simple, easy and most importantly free to apply for a smart meter.

What do our customers think about smart meters?

"No need to read meters and still able to see how much energy is being used"

"Not having to remember to read the meter that is awkward to get to"

"Keeping in touch with how much you are spending"

"No estimated readings and knowing what you are using per month"


1 Smart meters – the smart choice, BEIS