Supporting Smart Meters

Great news! We’re now able to support smart meters manufactured by Secure and the latest generation of smart meters (also known as SMETS2 meters). We are looking to support all other smart meters in the future.


How do I know if my smart meter is manufactured by Secure?

Take a look at your meter, if you can see a logo/name printed on the meter showing ‘Secure’ then you have a Secure meter. 


How do I know if I have a SMETS2 meter?

If your smart meter was installed before June 2018, it’s unlikely to be a SMETS2 meter as very few SMETS2 meters were installed before this date. If you’re an ENGIE customer, we can check this for you. If you’re thinking of switching to ENGIE, your current supplier will be able to tell you whether or not you have a SMETS2 meter.


I’m already an ENGIE customer, is my smart meter active?

If you have a Secure meter, or a SMETS2 meter, your smart meter will have been activated and you’ll have full smart functionality. You don’t need to take any action.

I’m thinking about becoming an ENGIE customer or have just signed-up

Once the switch from your old energy supplier to ENGIE has been confirmed, we will set your smart meter up. We won’t need to visit your property to do this and you won’t need to take any action.

Please note that during the process of switching from your old supplier to ENGIE you will be asked to provide a meter reading. When we ask you to provide the reading, even though you have a smart meter, please provide us with the reading yourself. After you’ve provided the initial reading, we will then collect meter readings automatically from your smart meter.


Benefits of a smart meter

Once your smart meter has been setup by us, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of smart meter technology. This means that:

  • You won’t need to send us your own readings (although you may continue to receive meter read reminders from us)
  • Your smart meter will automatically provide us with accurate meter read data, and we will use this information to calculate your bills
  • You’ll be able to keep track of your usage and costs via your existing in-home display (provided to you when you had your smart meter installed).

Learn more about smart meters.


I have a two-rate electricity smart meter / I’m on an Economy 7 tariff

If your electricity smart meter is set up as a two-rate meter, we can activate it – as long as it’s a Secure or SMETS2 meter. If you’re on an Economy 7 tariff, your night rate will normally apply from 00:30 to 07:30.


I have a different type of smart meter (not SMETS2 or made by Secure)

If you have a different type of smart meter, then you will unfortunately lose some smart functionality by transferring to ENGIE. However, work is underway to allow all smart meters to communicate through a single communication network. This means that we’ll be able to support all smart meters in the future. To find out more, click here.

If your smart meter isn’t supported by us, you’ll need to provide us with your own meter readings when we send you a reminder. This is easy to do using the My ENGIE Portal or by calling 0800 280 8000 to submit your readings.


I don’t have a smart meter at all

If you don’t currently have a smart meter, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a smart meter soon. We’ll be rolling out smart meters installations soon, and we’ll be in contact with customers who have shown interest. A smart meter upgrade will be free of charge to you.

If you’d like to register your interest, please contact us through our online form.


Learn more

If you need more information on smart meters, take a look at our FAQ guide or this introduction to smart meters.