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How do I read my meter?
How often should I send in meter readings?
How do I send a meter reading?
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How to read a smart meter
Installation Process – NEST
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Don't worry about it, we can generate an estimated read based on previous or average usage. Just send us a meter reading when you do get access to your meter to avoid estimated bills.

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A few days before your bill and statement is due, we’ll send you a reminder letting you know to send us your meter readings.

Don’t worry if you can’t send us your meter readings in time, we can still send your bill based on an estimate. However, to make sure bill is as accurate as possible, it’s a good idea to send in readings around once a month.


Sending a meter reading is easy. You can:

  • Log into your account and send it from there
  • Go to our contact page and use the email form, just select "Submit a meter reading"
  • Give your reading over the phone by calling our Customer Care team
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