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How do I read my meter?
How often should I send in meter readings?
How do I send a meter reading?
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Don't worry about it, we can generate an estimated read based on previous or average usage. Just send us a meter reading when you do get access to your meter to avoid estimated bills.

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A few days before your bill and statement is due, we’ll send you a reminder letting you know to send us your meter readings.

Don’t worry if you can’t send us your meter readings in time, we can still send your bill based on an estimate. However, to make sure bill is as accurate as possible, it’s a good idea to send in readings around once a month.


Sending a meter reading is easy. You can:

  • Log into your account and send it from there
  • Give your reading over the phone by calling our Customer Care team
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Lowri Beck help us manage your ENGIE energy account.

We use Lowri Beck to collect meter readings, replace/fix meters and gather additional industry data to help service your account.

If you’ve been contacted by Lowri Beck, on the phone or at your house, don’t worry this is perfectly normal. We use this meter read data to service your account, so you get more accurate bills.  

You can provide a meter read from 5 days before your start date to 5 days afterwards. If your read is submitted outside of this window, your account will be opened based on an estimate.


Please double check you are submitting the right number of digits in your read – we don’t need the digits after the decimal point in the red dials. If there is still an issue submitting reads, please contact our customer service team and we will be able to help.

If you didn’t take a final meter read, your account will be closed on an estimated read. If you took a read close to your move out date (up to 2 days before), please still provide this to us as it means we will be able to estimate your bill more accurately.

  • When you switch supplier, we receive your final meter read from your new supplier to use on your closing bill. If the meter reading used when you switched supplier is incorrect, we can dispute the read with your new supplier, if the dispute is agreed, then we will re-bill you.  
  • Please contact our customer service team on 0800 280 8000 if you believe this is the case. To dispute your previous meter read, we will need two meter reads taken at least a week apart, and if you have this information to hand when you call it should help speed up the process.

It’s easier to submit meter reads through your My ENGIE account or by calling us, you don’t need to send a photo. However, if you are worried that you are not reading your meter correctly, or have a question about your usage, you can email a picture to our customer service team and they will happily look into this for you. 

The DC is an agent we appoint to manage your reads. They carry out home visits to collect meter reads and can also access your read history from your previous supplier. They use this to validate any reads you supply to ensure they are accurate, and you get a correct bill. 

  • If your meter has stopped moving and you have no electricity or you have a blank screen, please call us as soon as you can and we’ll arrange for an engineer to visit your property. 
  • If it looks like your meter is showing unusually high reads, have there been any lifestyle changes or new appliances installed in your home? If not, please take a meter reading today, and another in a week's time, and then contact us on 0800 280 80000 so that we can look into what may be causing these issues.  
  • If you have received notification that we have enrolled your meter, we will be receiving reads; you’ll be able to view these on your bill as an ‘S’ at the side of your read. If we aren’t receiving your reads, we will contact you to obtain a meter read. 
  • If you have a Secure smart meter or SMETS2 meter – please check your bills are showing the correct meter serial number and reads. If they aren’t, then please provide us with a photo so we can update our records and contact us if you have any concerns.  

If you have entered the wrong meter reading, please contact us with the correct meter reading and we can fix this to make sure you are billed correctly.  

At the moment, we only receive one meter reading per month from smart meters, however in the future we may be able to support half-hourly and daily readings. We’ll notify you when this changes. 

  • Don’t worry, we can estimate your read. If you provide regular meter readings, your estimates will be accurate and in line with your consumption 
  • However, you can submit a read before you go on holiday or when you return to make sure we have the most recent read possible to estimate from. If we estimate too high or too low, this will be corrected in the next bill when you provide an actual read. 

Yes, we aim to schedule a meter reader visit annually. If you are a Priority Services Register customer and struggle to read your meter, we can change this schedule to once every three months - please arrange this by calling us on 0800 280 8000.

Different two-rate meters have different times. Please take a look at our map to see what time the cheaper rate is for your area. If you have a smart meter, the cheaper rate is between 12am and 7am. If you still aren’t sure, please contact us and we can help.

  • This will be on the front of your meter, normally above or below the barcode. A serial number will normally include a mix of numbers and letters and usually starts with a letter.  
  • You can also find it on your bill.

The meter serial number is required to ensure we have the correct meter on supply. 

  • An MPAN is your Meter Point Admin Number, this is your electricity reference number used to make sure we have your correct electricity supply. This will be found on your bill. 
  • An MPRN is a Meter Point Reference Number and is the same as the MPAN, except that it’s for your gas. This is 6 to 10 numbers and can be found on your bill. 

If you don’t currently have a smart meter, you’ll have the option to upgrade soon, and we’ll be in contact with customers who have confirmed interest. A smart meter upgrade will be supplied at no additional cost. If you’d like to register your interest, please use our online form.