How To Use Your My ENGIE Account

We’ve been working hard to improve your online experience, redesigning and introducing new functionality to our website and your My ENGIE account. We’ve done this to make your online account simpler, smarter and easier to use.

If you haven’t had a look at your My ENGIE account already, you can find it here. It’s simple and straightforward to register your details and get logged in for the first time, all you need is your email address, account number and post code.  You can use this guide to help you get started and navigate your way around your account.

It’s really important to us that our customers receive the best possible service, so our aim is to keep improving your My ENGIE accounts and adding in new functionality.

What is My ENGIE?

You can use your My ENGIE account to read and pay your bills and view and submit your meter reads and manage your account details. You can do all this whenever and wherever you’d like to.  

Benefits of My ENGIE:

Your My ENGIE account lets you manage everything in one place effortlessly.

  • Send your meter reads so we can bill you accurately
  • View and pay your bills
  • Access updates and messages from us through your personal inbox
  • Access and manage your account at whatever time suits you
  • Save money by opting for paperless billing

Plus you’ll have a positive impact on the environment when choosing to go paperless.

How to activate your account:

Activating your My ENGIE account is quick and easy. If you gave us your email address when you signed up, we will have sent you an activation link for My ENGIE in your welcome email. Don’t worry if you can’t find this, you can register for an account here. Your just need to fill in the registration form, so we can send you a new activation link.

Accessing Your Account:

To sign into your account, you only need your email address and password that you created when activating your account.

 If you’re having any trouble logging in, check the email and password that you are using. Don’t worry if you have forgotten your password, you can reset this from the sign-in page. If you’re still having trouble accessing your account, contact us to let us know.

Finding Your Way Around My ENGIE:

Our recent improvements mean that it’s easier than ever to use your My ENGIE account.

From your My ENGIE dashboard, you can navigate to six different areas on the site.

These sections let you:

  • Manage your meter reads (including submitting your readings)
  • Keep up to date with your bills and payments
  • Access your communications
  • Use our help & guides when needed


With My ENGIE, it’s quick and simple to submit your meter reads. It’s important to submit these when you receive your meter read reminder, so we can generate an accurate bill. The My ENGIE platform provides a trouble-free system to help you do this.

You will find your meter read history below the option to submit new meter readings.

Submitting your meter readings through My ENGIE:

  1. Click on the ‘meters’ navigation tab found either in the centre of the dashboard or in the top right-hand corner
  2. From here, select whether it is your gas or electricity reading that you wish to enter, if you’re a dual fuel customer make sure you submit your readings for both
  3. Also remember to provide the date in which you took your meter reading

If you’re unsure how to read your meters, then you can use our guide to learn how. 

Bills & Payments:

You can find all your billing and payment history, including your account balance, on your My ENGIE account. Every time we send you a bill it’ll show here. You can access and download your bills anytime you wish. Your account balance is clear to see, and making a payment is simple and easy to do by following the ‘make a payment’ button.

If you are unsure about how to understand your bill, don’t worry there are help and guides which can explain your bill and answer any questions that you have.

Your plan:

You can find everything you need to know about your plan in the account details section. If ever you need to find your account number, the breakdown of your costs or the date your contract ends, you can find it here.

Am I On The Best Deal?

We’ll always tell you if we can offer you a better deal and we’ll never save our best deals for new customers. If there is a cheaper tariff available to you, we will let you know on your bills and statements here in My ENGIE. Plus, if your current tariff is ending soon, we’ll tell you what your rate rollover tariff will be.

Account Details:

Once you’re all signed up, you can access all your account details through your My ENGIE account. Under account details you can view your personal details, billing information, your plan information and your marketing preferences.

Personal details

  • Changing your contact number- if you change your contact number it is easy to let us know
    1. Within your account details go to your details
    2. In the space next your phone number, click the edit button
    3. Type your new number into the box provided

Marketing preferences:

We want to provide you with the best possible service. As part of this we would like to let you know about services, products and offers that may interest you. To keep you in the loop about what we can offer, this may involve sharing information with some of our partners we work with.

If you would like to stay informed about what we can offer you, you can choose to opt in to be notified of these offers within your account details. You can also change this choice at any time too.

Help & Guides

Here at ENGIE we promise to do our absolute best to make sure our customers are taken care of. Whenever you need help we’ll be there for you. In your My ENGIE account you will find Help & Guides which you can access if you need. To access Help & Guides follow these simple steps below:

  1. Log into your My ENGIE account
  2. On your welcome page you will find a link directing you to ‘Help & Guides’. This can be found in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click the link to access featured guides, help and FAQ