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Supplying energy comes with a big responsibility to the planet. That’s why we keep sustainability and renewable energy sources at the forefront of everything we do. All our tariffs are 100% renewable electricity. Read more about it here


We always include a, ‘Could you pay less’ section on our bills which you will receive as per your billing schedule. This shows the cheapest equivalent tariff and the cheapest overall tariff available to you. Your personal projection for the following year is also shown. 

  • Your unit rates are shown on the second page of the bill, along with your standing charges and exit fees.  
  • This is in the, ‘About your tariff’ section. If you would like to see the unit rates for our other tariffs, you can do this through get a quote and read more information about the individual tariffs on the product page. 
  • Remember, you can access your bills and tariff information through your My ENGIE online account. 
  • On most Engie tariffs you will not be required to pay the exit fee to transfer to another ENGIE tariff. You can check this on your tariff information. 
  • If you’d like to switch to a different ENGIE tariff, you can do this through you’re my ENGIE using the online switching tool or call our customer service team on 0800 280 8000. 

There are several different scenarios: 

  • If you are transferring over to ENGIE and change your mind within the 14-day cooling off period, you will not be subject to exit fees. 
  • If you are an ENGIE customer and change your mind on transferring to a different ENGIE tariff within your 14-day cooling off period, you will not be subject to exit fees on either tariff, and you will be reverted back to your original tariff. 
  • Where you are on a Rate Rollover tariff, following on from your initial contract, you will not be subject to exit fees. 
  • Where you transfer to another supplier less than 49 days prior to the end of your tariff, you will not be subject to exit fees. 
  • Where you transfer to another supplier prior to the 49 days before the contract end date you will be subject to the exit fees on the initial contract. 

Yes – we have a Green tariff which offers both 100% renewable electricity and gas. Find out more about our tariffs here. 

We have tips to help you reduce your energy bill within our help and guides section, including a guide on energy saving advice. Just click on the links, to see where you can save today.

  • The unit rates (kWh) and the standing charge are fixed for the duration of the agreed contract. Additional costs such as VAT are still permitted to change in line with any Government changes. 
  • If prices go up or down within the market, the unit rates and standing charge will not be affected by these changes and will only change at the end of the fixed tariff. 
  • Where consumption increases or decreases your Direct Debit / receipt of bill will change to reflect the change of consumption. 

It’s easy to change to another ENGIE tariff, you can do this using the following options: 

  • The online tariff switching available on your My ENGIE account. 
  • Calling our customer service team on 0800 280 8000.
  • If you have an Economy 7 meter and you use less than 42% of your usage during the cheaper 7 hours available, this might not be the best tariff for you. 
  • ENGIE are able to place you onto a single rate tariff, where both your day and night usage will be charged at the same rate. We will still need to take both meter reads to ensure your billed correctly and this will still show as 2 charges on the bill. 
  • Due to changes with GDPR and the servicing of the account, we are only able to have one name as the main account holder. 
  • It is possible to have a person appointed by yourself as a delegated authority, this person will be able to act on your behalf in managing the account.  The delegated authority would be expected to pass the full security questions to access the account. 

You can change your account preferences at any time, just call us on 0800 280 8000 

The standing charge is a daily charge for each day you're connected to the distribution network. It pays for maintaining the supply of gas and electricity to your property and isn't related to the consumption you use. This charge is applicable even where no energy is being used. 

You will be able to find all our tariffs through the ‘get a quote’ section of the website. Within this section you will be able to see your unit rate(s) (kWh), standing charge, exit fees and annual personal projection, monthly cost projections along with a comparison against your current supplier tariff. 

Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit, your supplier will send you your final bill within 6 weeks and dependant on the balance, take your final payment or return any credit to actively close your account. 

  • ENGIE will contact your current supplier to advise them that you’re transferring to us. 
  • If your supplier objects to the transfer, they will contact us to say they’ve objected (with no reason), they will also contact you in writing with the reason. To ensure the transfer goes throughcontact your current supplier and discuss lifting the objection. 

Your My ENGIE account is your online account available 24/7 to enable to you manage your energy account when it’s convenient to you. Within the online account you will be able to complete the following: 

  • Submit meter reads 
  • View your bills 
  • View your communications 
  • View your payment history and details 
  • Switch to a different ENGIE tariff online 
  • View your account information 

The switching times for gas and electricity can be different, due to the new supplier only being able to apply for your gas supply after your 14-day cooling off period. Your current supplier then has an objection window (5 days), where they can object to your transfer, dependant on supplier response time and confirmation of the transfer. Unless a supply is objected to, all transfers are endeavoured to be completed within a maximum of 21 days. 

Your supply will be continuous throughout the switch process, ENGIE will take over directly from your previous supplier without you seeing a change in your supply. 

Your final bill can take up to 6 weeks to receive from your previous supplier. To ensure this bill is correct please provide ENGIE with your openings meter read within 5 days of your successful transfer. 

  • We’re sorry you’ve chosen to leave us. To make sure your account closure goes smoothly, please provide your new supplier with an up-to-date meter(s) read taken on the day of your switch.  
  • Your new supplier will then provide ENGIE with the read(s) and we will produce your final bill. This can take up to 6 weeks to reach you.  
  • If you pay by Direct Debit, it’s advisable to leave this in place until you’ve received your final bill and a final payment has been taken or a refund provided. Once the final payment / refund has taken place, your account will be closed. 

You will be able to access your online account for 12 months after you leave ENGIE, should you require any further information after this date, please contact our customer service team. 

Please email us at along with a clear scanned copy of the relevant name change document, this could be a Marriage Certificate, or a Change of Name Deed. We will then email a confirmation of the name change or if there’s any queries. Where there are any queries, your name will not be updated until these have been clarified.