Payment Options

At ENGIE we try to make it as easy and simple, as possible to pay for your energy. As far as we can, we'll make sure that your bills, statements, Direct Debits and any payments you make are accurate and keep you on track to precisely match the cost of the gas and electricity you use. You can pay for your energy through 'Direct Debit' or by 'Receipt of Bill'.

Monthly direct debit

You pay us the same amount every month and we pay it into your account. Most people choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit because it’s simpler, more convenient and helps you budget. Plus, it’s usually cheaper.

Most people use more energy – particularly for heating – in the colder months and less in the summer. If you choose to pay a monthly amount, we’ll help you estimate how much energy you’ll use over a year and then smooth the cost into 12 equal monthly amounts. Paying by monthly Direct Debit means that - if you're on track - your payments stay the same throughout the year.

If you choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit, we'll send you regular statements to tell you how your account stands.

To help us to do this we’ll review your monthly Direct Debit payment throughout the year to make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy, we'll do this at least once a year.

We review how much energy you’ve used in the previous year, and calculate how much your payment needs to be to match the same amount of energy in the coming year. We also include any money that you owe in this calculation. We’ll try to get you back to a zero balance by your next annual review. That way you’re only paying for what you use and don’t build up a large debt or credit. When we review your payment, we comply with the Direct Debit Guarantee.

After your review, we’ll contact you to let you know if we need to change your Direct Debit. If your Direct Debit looks to be wrong, we might ask you to increase your payments or suggest you reduce them. If there is going to be a change we’ll always let you know 10 days in advance.

To find out more or set up payment by Direct Debit, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

Pay whenever you receive a bill

If you choose this option, you won't pay a regular amount into your account, you just pay when we send you a bill.

You can either pay this automatically by variable Direct Debit, or you can pay through a number of other options - online or over the phone (click here to find out more about paying by these methods). Some people prefer this method because they feel more in control, but the risk is that you may get hit with a bigger than expected bill at the end of the winter - particularly if it's a cold one.

If you choose to pay when you receive your bill, we'll send you a bill every three months with a request for payment.

More Information

You can view all our payment options and choose which is best for you here. If you would like to change your tariff, please give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 0800 280 8000.

For more information on Energy UK's Accurate Bill Code of Practice click here

A guide to 'back-billing', for when you haven’t been correctly charged for your energy use, can be found here.