Everything You Need To Know About Direct Debits

Why has there been a change to my Direct Debit if I’m on a fixed tariff?

Your energy rates and standing charge have remained fixed and we aim to regularly review your Direct Debit to ensure that the amount you’re paying covers your usage. This also keeps your account on track to be paid in full, with no nasty surprises at the end of your contract with us.


How is my Direct Debit calculated?

We take your account balance and add that to your Personal Projection (please see below) this figure is then divided into 12 equal monthly amounts.

For example:  If your account balance was £100 and your Personal Projection for the year was £900, the calculation of the monthly Direct Debit would be

(£100 + £900)/12 =£83.33

What is a Personal Projection?

On your invoice you may have noticed a section called Personal Projection; this is an estimate of the cost you can expect to pay over the next 12 months taken initially from the information you provided when you started with ENGIE. This is then checked against your estimated annual consumption held within the energy industry database which is based upon your historic usage and your ENGIE Tariff.

Why was it not correct in the first place?

When we set up your first direct debit payment this was based on the information provided on your application, however, Ofgem’s average usage figures could have been used or you could have had a lifestyle change. Once the supply is transferred to ENGIE, we receive the historic consumption from your previous supplier this is used along with the meter reads you provide to get a better picture of what you are likely to use over the year. If the initial payment amount is not set at the right level, we then amend this to ensure you are not paying too much or little for the energy you use.

Can I reduce my Payment?

You can reduce your payment; however, this may not cover your full consumption and could result in an outstanding balance to pay at the end of your contract.

What if I don’t agree with the New Direct Debit amount?

Please call our Customer Service team on 0800 280 8000 and provide an up to date meter read, they can then review your payment with you to ensure it is set at the correct level.

Why has my Direct Debit amount changed when I am in credit?

As your usage increases and decreases throughout the year any, credit stored can be used to cover the cost of any increases during the winter months. This accompanied with a Direct Debit increase is designed to ensure that your bill during the winter months is more manageable. If you would like to apply for the credit from your account you can do this by calling our Customer Service team on 0800 280 8000.

Can I have a bill based on my meter read?

If you have provided a meter to us and this has not been used on your invoice, please call our Customer Service team 0800 280 8000 who will be able apply this to your account.

Where can I find my previous Direct Debit amount?

This can be found on your bill near the bottom of the first page. Your bills are stored in your My ENGIE online account if you signed up for paperless. If you signed up to post, these will have been posted to you.

Financial Vulnerability

If you are having difficulty paying or if your personal circumstances have changed, please give call our Customer Service team on 0800 280 8000 as soon as possible, we want to be able to help you. There may be alternative tariffs or payment methods available to you. For free and impartial debt advice, you can call:

  • National Debt line: 0808 88 4000
  • Citizens Advice: 03 454 040 506
  • Step Change: 0800 138 1111

They will help you to budget and put in place with you a budget to help pay off any outstanding arrears. To benefit from this advice, you will need to have your household budget to hand.

How can I save money?

Energy saving is big topic that affects everyone. One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to use less energy. Our website is full of helpful tips on how to save energy, to view these great tips venture over to our Energy Saving Advice.

Or for more advice on how to save energy, go to energysavingtrust.org.uk or give the Energy Saving Advice Service a call on 0300 123 1234