ENGIE Rate Rollover Promise

We want to reward our loyal customers for staying with us and not save our best deals for new customers, so we promise that when your contract comes to an end, we’ll put you on our cheapest comparable deal available at that time. This is our Rate Rollover Promise.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Towards the end of your contract with us, we will contact you with the best deals we have available for you. We will also inform you of our new Rollover Tariff – this is a tariff with the initial price set to our cheapest tariff available at that time.

In the event that you do not inform us of your chosen new tariff (or switch to another supplier), instead of being automatically transferred over to our Standard Variable Tariff (SVT), we’ll pop you onto our Rollover Tariff. You will therefore automatically benefit from our cheapest available tariff at that time.

We will review the price of our Rollover Tariff and guarantee that it will never exceed our SVT. We think it’s only fair.  

You’re also free to leave, or switch to another tariff, at any time as there’s no exit fee. It’s a win-win.

What is an SVT?

An SVT or Standard Variable Tariff is the industry default tariff for customers who have either; moved into a new home (and haven’t set up a new contract/supply); or who have finished a fixed term contract and haven’t renewed or changed it.

Prices on SVTs are variable, unlike fixed price tariffs. They can, more often than not, be more expensive for the same supply.

Customers are, however, allowed to leave an SVT without paying an Exit Fee.

SVTs are in the news regularly, as many millions of people are on them. Under our Rate Rollover Promise the price you pay will never be higher than our SVT. You will also benefit from a cheaper tariff at the time of rollover. Guaranteed.

What do you mean 'the cheapest'?

We assess the cheapest tariff as the tariff we have available before the end of your fixed term contract which would result in the “lowest annual cost” for you from all of our relevant products that we have available at the time.

If you do wish to leave then you’re free to do so as our Rollover Tariff has no Exit Fee.

We’ll review your prices for as long as you’re our customer. We promise! You’ll always have the peace of mind that we’re not charging you more than we should.